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Common Elbow Injuries

Elbow Pain

cross section of human body showing common spot of elbow injury

The elbow joint is the link between the shoulder and the hand. It has immense function in our daily lives, from proper position of the hand to perform tasks such as reaching for a cup of coffee, from the transmission of force from the shoulder to the wrist and hand to throw a ball overhead. The elbow is stable due to boney relationships and ligamentous structures; however, the joint lacks an ability to compensate and adjust, thus easily straining the soft tissue through repetitive motion and quick movements.

At work and at home, we use our elbow repetitively, thus causing many “overuse” injuries. Common elbow injuries include lateral and medial epicondylitis, commonly known as tennis and golfer’s elbow, tendinitis, biceps and triceps strains, and ligament sprains and strains. Sudden impact on the elbow due to a fall may cause a fracture or ligament tear, which may then lead to consultation with an orthopedist.

For most non-operative elbow injuries, we use a combination of joint and soft tissue mobilization (ASTYM®/IASTM) and exercise progression including eccentric exercise. If your condition requires surgery, we will work with your surgeon per his/her orders in your recovery and communicate all aspects of care.

Did you Know?
Sometimes, a rubber bar or Flexbar® can be an effective, long-term home solution to address your tennis elbow.