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Effective Hip Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

diagram showing location of common hip injuries

Do you experience hip pain when completing everyday activities or struggle with stiffness that limits your mobility? The hips don’t lie: if you’re experiencing pain like this, you may benefit from hip physical therapy. Our hip pain relief program is centered around education, recent evidence, and modern treatment of this joint to best treat our patients. Our certified team of Lancaster physical therapists will help you through a combination of stretches and exercises that can help alleviate pain, restore your muscles, and prevent future injury.

Want to get started today? With Lancaster Physical Therapy, now you can! We’re proud to offer direct access treatment – which means you can receive hip physical therapy without a physician referral. We are an independently owned and operated private practice clinic. Schedule a Telehealth appointment or contact us now to start your journey to healing!

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Discover Methods To Hip Pain Relief

Whether you’re searching for hip pain relief from a discomfort that’s been lingering for one week or one year, Lancaster Physical Therapy is here to help you out. We are constantly educating ourselves on the most trusted and modern methods of hip pain relief to get maximum results for our patients. Through a variety of exercises and stretches, you’ll be able to strengthen the muscles, improve the hip’s range of motion, and restore the area to normal functional mobility.

Similar to how the cause of hip pain is unique from case to case, the same is true for the treatment of hip physical therapy. Because of this, we highly recommend inquiring about a consultation with our staff instead of trying to poke and prod on your own. The hips and Psoas are sensitive structures, and you could risk further damage if treated incorrectly. If you’d like to start experiencing relief, call our office today.

Better Pain Management For Hip Pain Issues

Need immediate hip pain relief? Sometimes a physical therapy appointment can’t seem to come soon enough! Here are a few tips for pain management for hip pain issues that you can try at home right now:

  1. Rest – Avoid movements or tasks that require you to bend at the hip.
  2. Cold and heat – Wrap an ice pack in a towel to ice your hip followed by a warm bath or shower to further provide pain management for hip pain.
  3. Gently stretch – Light stretching can help provide hip pain relief if the discomfort is caused by a pinched nerve.

While these at-home methods can provide pain management for hip pain, it’s always a good idea to speak to a professional for additional instructions. The steps listed above are most effective when paired with the direction of hip physical therapy. Please call our office today for more information!

Contact Us For Hip Physical Therapy For Psoas Muscle Pain Relief

Have you heard of the Psoas muscle? It’s located in the lower lumbar region of the spine and extends through the pelvis to the femur. Strain in this muscle can often mimic lower back pain or hip discomfort. Because of the uniqueness of this muscle, treatment can be difficult- but the trainers at Lancaster Physical Therapy are experts in Psoas muscle pain relief. Through our specialized Psoas muscle pain relief program, we’ll help you stretch and build the muscle to prevent re-injury.

Ready to say goodbye to hip pain? Schedule a Telehealth appointment or contact us today to learn how.

Did you Know?
Commonly, someone who has deep, internal hip pain will report a “C” sign to a doctor or physical therapist. This individual will place a hand around the hip bone, with the thumb wrapping around the back of the hip and the fingers in the direction of the groin.