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Sports Medicine

Be Active in Recovery, then Empowered to Perform

Sports Medicine

The concept of sports medicine focuses around the active individual and his/her ability to participate in sports and general exercise. It is centered on the diagnosis and treatment of injuries related to an active lifestyle and participation in a variety of levels of physical activity. This includes all levels of sport, from the professional athlete to the individual competing in recreational sports.

Sports medicine also focuses on injury prevention through identifying movement deficits, weakness, flexibility losses, and other soft tissue dysfunction that could potentially create an inability to perform athletics and activity.

We have an active treatment approach that encourages movement for function in whatever court, field, community fitness center, or home an individual chooses. To achieve your goals, our therapists use a combination of evidence-based techniques, manual therapy including joint mobilization and soft tissue mobilization (ASTYM®), and other treatment strategies.

Lancaster Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine believes strongly in activity and return to function as able to achieve health, fitness, and improved quality of life.