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Sports Medicine in Lancaster, PA

Sports Medicine: Active in Recovery, then Empowered to Perform

sports medicine patient performing rehabilitation exercise

The concept of sports medicine focuses around the active individual and his/her ability to participate in sports and general exercise. It is centered on the diagnosis and treatment of injuries related to an active lifestyle and participation in a variety of levels of physical activity.

At Lancaster Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine, we help countless athletes and active individuals get back in the game by providing them with the sports medicine-based treatment they need to start feeling like themselves again. Our clinic stands out as offering cutting-edge services provided in a warm, inviting, community setting.

Stands Out Among Sports Medicine Clinics

At Lancaster Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine, we stand out among sports medicine clinics by providing an unmatched level of personalized treatment. We have experience treating a wide variety of sports related injuries. Whatever the patient’s preference, the active treatment approach we utilize encourages movement whether you prefer the court, field, community fitness center, or home. Evidence-based techniques such as manual therapy including joint mobilization and soft tissue mobilization (ASTYM®/IASTM), blood flow restriction therapy, and other treatment strategies we use to help you achieve your goals.

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When it comes to sports medicine in Lancaster, PA, look no further than the knowledgeable staff at Lancaster Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine. Our years of experience coupled with superior treatment techniques and compassionate hands help us establish ourselves as the choice sports medicine clinic for countless residents in Lancaster County. Whether you are looking to identify the root cause of an injury or maximizing long term performance, our physical therapists will provide the one-on-one treatment you need to get back in the game. Call now to schedule with us today!